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(SAGD & CSS)Thermal Projects

Canada has one of the largest deposits of bitumen in the world, and to exploit this resource the engineering of sophisticated facilities are required.


Orion Projects has a strong background in upstream, midstream and downstream pipeline systems.


We delivers program management, engineering, procurement, and construction solutions to address the challenges of clients’ infrastructure projects insuring codes and regulations are adhered to.

Conventional Oil and Gas Facilities

Orion projects have a strong back ground in upstream Conventional Oil and Gas facilities.

Carbon Capture, Compression And Sequestration/EOR

Orion Projects are committed to reducing environmental impact by designing processes that are energy efficient.

Water Treatment

At Orion Projects we promote responsible use of water in the processes we design, minimizing the water make-up by reusing and recycling.

Power Generation

Orion Projects has broad experience in terms of all types of power generation. Our experience ranges from small portable reliable, inexpensive generators to permanent medium to large co-gen, simple and combined cycle megawatt installations.

Shale Oil and Gas Facilities

Similar to our experience in Conventional, Thermal and In-Situ Reservoir Facilities engineering and development Orion Projects has extensive understanding of Shale Oil and Gas Producing Facilities.

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We are a Calgary based company that has been proudly serving Canadian industries since 2008.

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