Carbon Capture, Compression and Sequestration/Enhanced Oil Recovery

Orion Projects has the skills and resources to support your carbon capture needs. Orion Projects are committed to reducing environmental impact by designing processes that are energy efficient. Large or small, Carbon Capture needs can be addressed by Orion Projects. Our expertise ranges from pre- to post-combustion carbon capture, including oxyfuel combustion. Orion Projects will ensure that the most innovative solutions are available to our clients.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration Options we provide are:

  • CO2 rich conversion to pure liquid CO2 for transport and use in Enhance Oil Recovery
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery with secondary water floor and tertiary CO2 flood
  • Thermal Oil Recovery using High Pressure Direct Contact OxyCombustion
  • Oxycombustion Boilers
  • ¬†Flue Gas CO2 Capture
  • CO2 Compression and Dehydration