Orion Projects delivers program management, engineering, procurement, and construction solutions to address the challenges of clients’ infrastructure projects insuring codes and regulations are adhered to. Although Orion Projects specialization and core expertise is process oriented facilities, we have competency in addressing the infrastructure needs that come with our core area of competency. We understand the importance of infrastructure and thus will endeavor to perform this scope of the work with the highest amount of competency.

Areas of infrastructure where Orion Project has excelled include:

  • Architectural Buildings
  • Administration Complex
  • Control Rooms
  • Field Offices
  • Maintenance Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Rigid Frame Building for process, water treatment, steam and utilities
  • Oilfield self-framing building for equipment modules and equipment packages
  • Remote area Operations and Construction Personnel Accommodation
  • Earthworks
  • Clearing, Grubbing, Top Soil Storage, Lease Building, drainage and roads
  • Geotechnical investigation coordination and analysis of reports