About Us

Orion Projects is an engineering services, procurement, construction and engineering consulting company that takes an innovative approach to develop client solutions.

Our high-quality performance surpasses our clients’ needs and expectations. We’re successful at our projects on the first attempt because we pride ourselves on results. Our execution of Oil and Gas Projects is unique and fully aligned with the goals of oil and gas production companies. We develop long-standing relationships with our clients to build their assets in the most efficient and timely manner. Client project objectives on safety, quality, cost, and schedule are top priorities and treated with utmost respect.

Orion Projects provides the Oil & Gas industry with the engineering services, consulting, and engineering project management required to get production from the wellhead to the refinery in the safest and most efficient method possible. Most importantly, we are a cohesive team of engineering professionals who establish trust and peace of mind through our services.

Orions Mission

Orion Projects is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management company that provides innovative solutions to projects to improve profitability and sustainability in the energy sector.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred Engineering and Procurement Management firm through an established professional reputation for providing innovative, trusted solutions resulting in the highest project value add.


Orion’s Values

Orion Projects is committed to performing at an exceptional quality that meets and exceeds our clients’ needs and expectations while aligning with our professional engineering affiliations and associations, industry standards, and social responsibilities. We achieve this through our culture of continuous improvement and learning, innovative thinking, collaboration & integrity.


  • Infinite innovation is possible, and change is necessary to adapt
  • Effectiveness provides value by proactively succeeding the first time
  • Conduct business with integrity and honesty to build and maintain trust
  • Ensuring value is added to client’s assets through our services

Company Size and Structure

Orion Projects recognizes that unmanaged growth causes inefficiencies that affect engineering quality. Growth at Orion Projects is managed through careful strategic planning and our flat organizational structure allows for direct control and responsibility to project team leaders.

Clients will be reassured they will benefit from this structure with:


  • Consitent design philosophy
  • Minimized engineering overhead
  • Greater overall engineering quality
  • Proficient communication 
  • Quick response time
  • Strong project control