Carbon Capture, Compression and Sequestration, and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Orion Projects has the skills and resources to support your large- or small-scale carbon capture needs. Orion Projects is committed to reducing environmental impact by designing processes that are energy efficient. Our expertise ranges from pre- to post-combustion carbon capture, including oxy-fuel combustion. Orion Projects ensures that the most contemporary solutions are available to our clients.


Carbon capture and sequestration support we provide includes:


  • CO2 rich conversion to pure liquid CO2 for transport and use in Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery with secondary water floor and tertiary CO2 flood
  • Thermal Oil Recovery using high-pressure direct contact oxy-fuel combustion
  • Oxy-combustion boilers
  • Flue gas CO2 capture
  • CO2 compression and dehydration