The experienced procurement team at Orion Projects is responsible for the bidding, evaluation, purchasing, expediting, and logistics of equipment and materials, as well as bidding, evaluation, and administration of contracts.

Our skilled department consists of buyers, expediters, contract administrators, and expediting and logistics specialists. In addition, Orion Projects maintains strong relationships with various industry vendors whose expertise enables us to efficiently price and deliver equipment and materials on time for our clients. 

Orion Projects utilizes and coordinates third-party inspectors to perform inspections as per inspection test plans to maintain vendors’ compliance with agreed scope and quality.

Core competencies of our procurement department involve:

  • Preparing competitive and sole source bid lists
  • Preparing requests for quotation packages
  • Commercial and technical evaluations of material and equipment packages
  • Bid recommendations on behalf of our clients
  • Placing purchase orders on behalf of our clients
  • Ensuring site delivery of material and equipment
  • Placing contracts on behalf of our clients